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About Us

Free Methodist Mission in India is a registered  non-governmental organization (NGO) which works purely on a non-profit basis. Free Methodist Misssion in India is registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 with registration No. F585 & under the Societies Registration Act with Registration No. 523/ Yavatmal /1980

Our Objectives:

  • To Provide & enhance education to children of all communities * Nationalities, Caste & Creed.
  • To Initiate, administer, manage, encoureage & support educational, medical & welfare institutions.
    to provide curative & preventive care through hospitals & dispensaries.
  • To establish, administer, maintain institution for study in the area of art, science, research * to conduct concerts, conferences, competitions and any other activity under the objectives of organisation.
  • To educate, train & instruct adults & children irrespective of caste & creed all kinds of education and religious education.
    To provude and administer of recreatioal centers & other similar facilities.
  • To solicit, accept, hold & administer any donations, gifts, legacies, grants, contributions of properties movable or immovable.
  • To purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire, hold, let, sell, exchange mortage or otherwise dispose of real & personal property.